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The Pacific Coast Highway

As you journey through this beautiful region with it’s spectacular scenery, you will encounter friendly local people and experience a way of life that has changed little over recent years.
Leaving Whakatane (travelling from North to South) you will skirt the picturesque Ohiwa Harbour before reaching the long undeveloped beaches at Waiotahi and Tirohanga. From Opotiki you have two choices - the route south via the Waioeka Gorge travels through a beautiful river valley flanked by native forests. A wonderful round trip can be enjoyed by turning north again at Matawai and returning to Opotiki on the Old Motu Coach road. Travelling east from Opotiki on SH35 is longer but enchanting, with numerous clear rivers descending from bush-clad hillsides as you follow the rocky coastline from bay to bay.


This area, affectionately called “The Coast” by the locals, has a high Maori population and you will see many Marae with ornately carved gateways. Please remember that Marae are private property. You may meet a friendly local to show you around a Marae. Hicks Bay and Te Araroa is one of the most isolated parts of New Zealand but as with all of the Eastland Region there are plenty of options for good quality accommodation.
An early morning visit to the East Cape Lighthouse is a must before heading south towards Gisborne. This section of Eastland is drier and it is well worth taking a side trip to visit one of the many golden-sand bays on this side of “The Coast”. Gisborne is a picturesque city with some beautiful beaches and allow some time to visit some of the excellent local wineries. Travelling further south to the river town of Wairoa, there are several more side trips available on your journey. The Pacific Coast Highway continues on a further 118km to the Art Deco city of Napier. The sealed roads are in good condition but are occasionally winding so please drive carefully, as we want you to come back! We are proud of this region that we love, and know that you will fall in love with it as well, enjoy your stay - Opotiki & District 10,000 Club.


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The 2015 Pacific Coast Highway Guide is produced, published and presented with the compliments of the Opotiki & District 10,000 Club Incorporated, P O Box 23, Opotiki. The club acknowledges the assistance of all those who have helped with photographs or content. New content material or suggested additions to this guide are welcomed. Please contact the Editor at P O Box 23, Opotiki.
All content of this guide is copyright to the Opotiki & District 10,000 Club Inc.and may not be used without prior consent.



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FIRE 111


Opotiki - 07-315 8500
Gisborne - 06-869 0500
Wairoa - 06-838 7099


Opotiki - 07-315 6051 or 111
East Cape/Tolaga Bay - 06-862 6421 or 111
Gisborne - 06-867 1027 or 111
Wairoa/Hawkes Bay - 06-834 1345 or 111


Opotiki District Council - 07-315 3030
(A/H 07-315 6770)
Gisborne District Council - 06-867 2049
Wairoa District Council - 06-838 7309

111 or Police Stations

Opotiki - 07-315 1110
Gisborne - Refer telephone directory
Wairoa - Refer telephone directory


Opotiki - 07-315 1001
Gisborne - 06-869 0460
Wairoa (Aniwaniwa) - 06-837 3803


Dr Mark Haywood - 07-315 7900
Dr Peter Conolly - 07-315 6126
Dr J Scott-Jones - 07-315 6307

GISBORNE - refer i site or telephone directory

WAIROA - refer i site or telephone directory


Kerry Nott Pharmacy - 07-315 6240
Opotiki Pharmacy - 07-315 6250

GISBORNE - refer i-site or telephone directory

Ray Lyall Pharmacy - 06-838 7244
Wairoa Pharmacy - 06-838 7408


Opotiki - P Owen 07-315 6214
Gisborne - refer i site or telephone directory
Wairoa - RG Forbes 06-838 7144


Opotiki - 07-315 8474
Gisborne - 06-867 9405 or 06-868 5151
Wairoa - 06-838 4053 or 06-838 6099

AREC ( Amateur Radio Emergency Communications)

Opotiki - Jim Jones 07-315 7076
Gisborne - Alan Mackintosh 06-868 6267
Wairoa - refer i-site or telephone directory